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We are so thrilled to have found Georgene to help with our small business. My husband and I own and operate our business, we have 4.5 employees. I had been taking care of the books as well as the administrative duties associated with our shop. The accounting end was not getting taken care of the way it should.
I am happy to report they have done an amazing job taking over these tasks and given me more time to concentrate on our customers,
We are very happy with their services and recommend them to all we come in contact with.

Holliday Bookkeeping is an absolute godsend to me and my business! Whenever I have problems to resolve concerning my business Quickbooks account, I know I can rely on Georgene Jones to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. She is pleasant to work with, and is my number one stress reducer when it comes to my business accounting!

I love working with Georgene. She is pleasant, energetic and efficient. I can always count on her to get my books in order and on time.

As the President of the Duvall Chamber of Commerce I rely on Georgene to handle all of our Payroll needs.  She takes care of everything so payroll is totally seamless. Georgene is organized and thorough and makes my job so much easier.

I found Georgene very professional, trustworthy, diligent as well as flexible with business needs. I have referred numerous companies to her

I have had the pleasure of working with Georgene Jones and Holliday Bookkeeping Services for well over a year now.  In that time she has been exceptionally helpful and professional in taking care of the business needs I require as a small business.  I can say with all honestly, without Georgene and her services I would be lost.  I owe a great gratitude to her and her company.

Rebel Consulting Group LLC

I asked Georgene if she would be interested in helping out a nonprofit that I volunteer with, to get their bookkeeping house in order. She graciously accepted the job (this is a paid job) and never once complained at the state that our books were in, or that figuring out the short hand entrees that were in horse terminology was challenging, she just somehow, dug in and got us on track! (Please note that I was not the treasurer at this time)

We now have balanced books and are able to meet and make plans knowing exactly where we stand financially and know where we need to focus our efforts.

It is one place that nonprofits should not skimp to save a few bucks, as I have seen more turmoil caused in volunteer organizations by this problem of the volunteer in charge of book keeping not having the numbers ready, than any other single problem in any organization.

Thank you Georgene, you are a life saver!