QuickBooks 2012 – Lead Center

July 16, 2012

This week I became a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program.   Despite my years of experience as a QuickBooks user and my QuickBooks certification, joining this program seemed like a natural next step in building my business.  The first clear benefit to being a member is all of the training materials available for members to utilize in order to learn the new features of each new release of the product.  For example, QuickBooks 2012 includes new reporting tools and time saving features that reduces the number of steps and therefore it also reduces the potential for transcription errors.  Information on all of the changes, how the software works and how these changes benefit both me as the accountant and you as the client is all laid out on their website within their training materials.  One key new feature that I absolutely love is the Lead Center.  What this feature does is allows the user to store data on prospective customers, document action steps and follow actions – which flows to the “to do” list.  When the “lead” converts to a customer – the lead information can be simply converted over to the customer list.  Instead of using a separate marketing software to track your sales activity, QuickBooks has it all there for you right within the software.  This feature is available in QB Pro and up.  I have started using this feature and it is really helpful.

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