May 28, 2012

Thank you for visiting my new website.  I am just brimming with excitement to see each piece of my business come together.  If you have already started your own business, I am sure you can appreciate my excitement as mine is launched.  My passion is accounting.  Why, you ask?  When I see something that is out of place or a bit askew I am compelled to straighten it out or put it in it’s place.   Once each item is in it’s place it become obvious what is there and what is not and a plan can be hatched on how to put things back on an even keel.  Taking a jumble of invoices, sales receipts, inventory records, bank statements and putting them in order so that they can tell the story of the business is absolutely key to what I want to do for you.  Once in place, a business owner can see what they have and what they don’t have and make decisions accordingly.  It is easy sometimes to fall behind on the books.  Perhaps you’ve stacked up the mail thinking that you might get to it later in the day, next thing you know it’s later in the week and the stack has grown.  You get a new order from a customer and the stack is forgotten.  A week later you plan to get to it again, but now it’s even bigger and the time is just not there to go through it all.  After a while it starts to seem overwhelming and even a bit hopeless.  Or perhaps, you keep current with your records, but you feel that you are neglecting your family or your customers in the process.  How much business might you have generated if you weren’t sitting in front of a computer doing your bookkeeping?  Professional accounting is a legitimate and necessary expense for any business.  Small business owners must understand and know what their financial status is in order to make sound business decisions.  If this sounds like you, I’m here to help.  Give me a call and we can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

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